Changes Are Coming To Inkheaven!

Inkheaven is going to have a fresh new look but the purpose of creating stamping happiness will stay the same!

You may have noticed that there have not been many new posts here at inkheaven as of late! Are you wondering why? Here is the answer:

I have finally decided to update my blog on a whole new level! I wanted to do this back in 2014 – and I did a slight makeover right here at that time – but it wasn’t completely what I wanted to do! Change is so many things: hard, painful, good, exciting, fun…the list of adjectives both negative and positive could go on and on! 
At the time I did my slight makeover we were going through life changes so I held back here as our future seemed so uncertain. Now that we are a little more settled here in Le Mars, Iowa, I feel the need to finish what I started. I hope you will be patient and stick with me!
I have finally made some decisions that allowed me to contact someone about my blog design and go forward. Hopefully, we will see it go live in a few weeks! I chose a template that I love – but it needs a few tweaks to be perfect – which will slow the process down. I may see if they will let me use the template as is until the tweaks are done! It never hurts to ask, right? It would be a little sneak preview of what is to come for inkheaven!
Anyway, I was thinking about change and life, and how life throws us curve balls every once in awhile, and I got to thinking how important it is to just swing away when those curve balls come. I’m not a huge sports fan – but I do like the game of baseball. One of the things that I like about baseball are some of the positive life comparisons that I can glean from it.  Did you know that the best hitters have the most strike outs?  When it comes to life, I want to hit it outta the park even if I have to strike out a few times. Don’t you? So here I am, taking another swing!
My purpose here at inkheaven is to create stamping happiness for you. I want it to be easy for you to create, have fun, and repeat! Doing something creative improves our well-being which is important to our happiness and I want that for you and me!

Meanwhile, I will keep everyone updated through my email. If you are not on my mailing list you can sign up for that in the side bar to so you don’t miss out! I will also try to keep the information flowing on my facebook page here. Be sure to like my page while you are there!
Wishing you stamping happiness always!