It’s All Fun At The Make & Takes!

Here are a couple of my make & take stations! I had four set up in my kitchen. I am blessed with lots of counter space and a big kitchen! I will post close ups of the make & takes later so be sure to check back!

Mom and daughter having fun stamping together! What a fantastic way to spend time with your kids and to help them explore creativity!

Jess patiently waiting for her turn at the make & takes!

It’s all fun at the make & take stations!

Eat Yummy Treats!

“Eat Yummy Treats!

Wow! It’s a good thing I had a few of these left! I thought I had taken a picture of them before my Open House guests started arriving! This was how I packaged my famous cookies for my Open House! I made my Eat Yummy Treat tags in My Digital Studio…and when I say made…all I had to do was open up a template, change the color, print, punch out, and layer on strawberry slush scallop circles! I used the Tag a Bags as decorative packaging. The cookies were in our cello envelopes sealed to keep fresh. Two cookies to a bag! I had two big containers of these. I decorated the containers with a bow made with our new bow die…very simple but it really added to how it looked! I have more pictures to share of my open house this week…so be sure to check back!

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Item: 129977
Item: 131370
Item: 130136
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Item: 132721  
Items will be available for download after checkout

Sweet 16 Banner!

“It’s a perfect fit!”

Here is a peek at my completed banner as promised! It is a perfect fit between the banisters in living and dining room area! I am so proud! I made paper tassels to go in between the banner flags. It turned out so cute! Even my husband commented on it! To see video how to’s; go here.

I used the Build a Banner Simply Created Kit to make my banner!

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Sixteen Years of Stampin’ Up! Pins and Buttons!

“That’s a lot of bling!”

16 years of pins and buttons and I am running out of room on my lanyard! My open house is the only place I will wear it. It is heavy and I am afraid of losing any. I wore it to convention one year and lost a pin. I was so distressed! However, it was a year that my hubby went with me as a supporting demonstrator and he was adamant that I take his! I would have had to start a 2nd lanyard if I had went to every event all 16 years! I will eventually start a 2nd because I do have to go to Stampin’ Up! events every so often! It is hard to stay away!

Calorie Free Parfaits!

“Calorie free parfaits equal stamp more eat less!”

I am so excited! My open house is this Saturday! Of course…I am nowhere near ready! I have all these bits and pieces done and ready…but it is not all pulled together yet! I have 80 pounds of peaches to freeze, a garden to keep harvesting, and a house to clean…anyone want to come and help! lol! All of my guests will be receiving a calorie free parfait! They will also get some of my famous cookies…which are baked and in the freezer ready to package up on Friday. I hope I don’t have to pull an “all-nighter” to get it all done! I have been working on things since I got back from convention in hopes of avoiding one of those…but like my husband says…I just can’t help myself…I always find something else that I think I must add or do!

Build a Banner!

Building banners is fun! I have been creating a Sweet 16 banner for my open house! I did use the alcohol instead of water so they would dry faster. Very easy. I do recommend the practice spritz to make sure that your spritzer sprays a fine mist. I also recommend refilling your spritzer before it gets too low so that the spray stays fine. When my banner is complete and I have it hung up for my open house I will be sure to share it with you!

Here is another video with a Christmas theme…both holidays will be here before you know it!

Remember to click my order online button (above right) to be taken to my demonstrator business website and click the shop now button to purchase any of the Build a Banner kits!

Voila’ Bon Appetit!

“Creative Iron Chefs Competition!”

Enter 2007 and Stampin’ Up! has a new set called Voila’ featuring a chef. My husband loved watching the Iron Chef shows and a theme for my 10 year anniversary open house was born! I asked my oldest if he would be willing to join his brother and dad to help me out…and he agreed! I will have to dig out their projects and take photos for you and blog about those! We did it just like the show! I had a table of stamping supplies and they each had to run over and grab what they wanted and make something out of what they took! And…we had a timer set! It was a lot of fun! They also demonstrated new products and competed throughout the day making things. At this open house I was wondering why I was the demonstrator…their ideas were awesome! These guys have helped me out over the years…cutting cardstock, stamping images, and assembling swaps! I kind of miss the help! lol! Left to right in the photo; Aric (my youngest), Jim (my hubby), and Aaron (my oldest). I love these guys! They keep me laughing. Aric is in the military now and we miss him being around. Aaron still lives close but work, family, and church keep him busy!

Ahoy Matey!

“Argh, it be stampin’ time!”

We had a new stamp set in 2006 called Ahoy Matey that inspired my 2006 Open House theme! The guys LOVED that theme! They had fun with it. Since they were demonstrating new products for me…they made up their own signage, there be “Demon-strations” here! Ha! My guys crack me up! I am usually behind the camera…but Linda B. took a photo of us 3 and sent it to me! Jim is on the left and my youngest, Aric is on the right! They be handsome pirates!